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Ventilator Circuit

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Ventilator Circuit
We are highly known supplier for offering highly quality of Ventilator Circuits, and Ventilator Tube Circuit, which are made of medical Grade Corrugated PVC. Ventilator Tube Circuit can be ported for temperature and capnography. Ventilator Circuit is provided with a recessed standard 22 mm Male / Male & 22 mm Male / Female adapter for flexibility throughout the critical care management. The unique water trapper offers excellent drainage and ideal positioning to maximize moisture collection. The Circuit is not a standard product. It is assembled according to the customer requirement and is E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free. We offer Non-Expandable Ventilator Circuit without water trap / with one water trap / with two water trap.

Range of Products

  • Adult Ventilator Circuit

  • Pediatric Ventilator Circuit

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